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– We specialise in Nordic and Eastern European languages. These languages include Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Finnish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Polish and Czech. We translate from the English, French, German and Italian into these languages – and from these languages into English, French, German and Italian.

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Translation is a form of creative art.
We offer expert translation services, ensuring that that your message is communicated effectively in the target language. Our translations are performed by native speakers of the target language. These linguists are familiar with and sensitive to the cultural background in which your message will be communicated. All our translators are talented professionals – hardworking, dedicated, and available to work on your project around the clock.


Nothing is more important than a second pair of eyes.
A proof-reader or editor is essential to every project, not only to ensure the highest standards in linguistic quality, but also to make sure the final layout of the text meets your expectations – every time. We have reliable and committed staff and an extended network of linguists and other language service providers who are all ready to go the extra mile for you and your project.

Quality Assurance

Quality is essential to your success. We are therefore dedicated to providing you with an excellent product.
Our QA team members have an eye for detail and have all the expertise needed to perform high-quality QA.
Our QA team will ensure that your translated documents will meet your exact requirements.

Project Management

Project managers take care of the work flow of your entire project.
Project managers will identify and recruit the most suitably qualified linguists and other language service providers for the project through its various stages of translation, editing, proofreading and quality assurance.
These professionals have excellent technical skills and are able to handle all formats and file types with efficiency and speed.

Project Coordination

Meet our expert team of project coordinators.
Our project coordinators reply to all requests and questions 24/7 365 days a year.
They are multi-lingual and are ready to help with whatever you need and whenever you need it.

Language Recruitment

Hiring people with the right language qualifications is essential. Our Language Recruitment Team carefully selects and tests all our linguists and other language service providers to ensure you get the highest quality product for your specific needs. Our pool of experienced and highly qualified language professional will help you to succeed in international markets.



Meet BeConnected

BeConnected is a Translation and Localisation company offering online services to a global clientele. We operate from our offices in Oslo, Norway and Sofia, Bulgaria. We specialize in language services covering the Nordic and Eastern European languages. These languages include Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Finnish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Polish and Czech. We translate from English, German, French and Italian into these languages – and from these languages into English, German, French and Italian. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs in in an ever-changing global market. We also have the resources to handle all projects and deliver them on time regardless of their various scopes and requirements. BeConnected operates 24/7 365 days a year, because the business world never sleeps.

BeConnected also works as a sub-contractor for other global translation companies. Why not work directly with our team of dedicated project coordinators? Our experienced staff can coordinate your project and needs. This means that you save valuable time, and you do not have to worry about the hassle of working with multiple contractors. You benefit from the talent, expertise and experience we offer to turn your idea into a superior product – on time and tailored to your specific requirements.

Meet Our Teams and Partners

The BeConnected team is a group of qualified and dedicated professionals who are ready to support all your needs.

We have an internal localisation team that handles all projects and requests with expert efficiency and works closely with a team of highly qualified linguists. Our internal QA team is led by native speakers who are responsible for quality control and QA specialists who are responsible for the final layout of the final documents.  We also have a dedicated team of IT professionals who are able to handle complicated requests and help solve any IT-related issues.

BeConnected works closely with an extensive international network of professionals including highly qualified and certified linguists, language specialists, proof-readers, and other experts with many years of experience in the translation, editing and copywriting. All the people we work with undergo a rigorous recruitment and selection process managed by our Vendor Management Team.

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Interested in getting a quote? Please e-mail jobs@beconnected.no

Interested in finding out more about BeConnected? Please e-mail info@beconnected.no

Other contact details:

Plamena Iordanova, Bulgaria Branch Manager: piordanova@beconnected.no

Nadya Sekalova, Operations Manager: nsekalova@beconnected.no

Hristo Taushanov, Business Development Manager: htaushanov@beconnected.no (or call +3592 4122 402)

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BeConnected AS
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